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3 Ways to Create a Magical Fall Atmosphere

“I shall stay until the wind changes.”  ~ Mary Poppins ~

Magical Fall Atmosphere

When the seasons are changing, there’s new magic in the air!  The budding of new leaves in the spring, the first snowfall in winter.  Ahhh, but fall… the season of harvest has a feeling of bounty & abundance!

Walt Disney, the master of a theme, taught us, even we can make our environment magical!

Living in the mountains at 7000+ ft elevation, the air is becoming crisp and the nights are cooler, the season is changing!

Our summer nautical décor drifts out to sea, and the autumn colors, with pumpkins, squirrels, scarecrows, and an occasional bear transforms our home into a fall wonderland!

The garden is yielding a bountiful harvest! Pumpkin, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, herbs, and more are coming into the house by the basket full!

The smell of baking rustic oat bread, pumpkin muffins, and cooking stew create a dreamy aroma that wafts through the house.

Even if you live in an area where the temperatures really don’t change much, or you might not have a garden, you can still create the feeling of autumn’s abundance!

Mr. Disney showed us there are elements that can affect us, with the use of aroma, colors, and décor we can transform our atmosphere!

The smell of fall#1 Aromas

Aromas affect us on a subliminal level; this is one of the reasons we underestimate their power. It is said to be the only sense that has a direct link to memory.

In the fall it might be baking bread, simmering stews, potpourri, incense, candles, and even a crackling fire.

#2 Fall ColorsMagical Fall Atmosphere

Orange –Warm and rich, orange represents ripeness and happiness. It is a fun and exhilarating color that promotes feelings of excitement and hope.

Yellow –Signifying the warmth and sparkle of the summer sun, yellow is energetic, vibrant, cheerful, and optimistic. It’s a good mood tone and shines with hope and happiness.

Brown – Natural, down-to-earth, organic, and neutral ~ though sometimes burdened with a reputation for being boring, brown is representative of wholesomeness and goodness, and promotes feelings of stability and order. It is simplicity in a chaotic world.

Red –The color of passion, romance, & love. Red is hot, fiery, and tempestuous — a powerful and intense color that evokes a sense of urgency and excitement and stimulates the heart to beat faster.

Fall Decor#3 Décor

In the movies or at the Park these items might be called ‘props’.  Using themed props/décor is the ideal way to enhance the feeling you desire.

Some props you might consider using in the fall are pumpkins, seasonal kitchen wares, potholders, rugs, canning jars, dried corn, pictures, paintings, books, magazines, stuffed animals, and other possible related décor. (We use all of these!)

One of the family favorites is magical Wall Notions ~ words & embellishments…  We create these ourselves! Fun, magical, and totally unique!

We know visual props at the Park can transport us through time, to days gone by, to the future, and even into an enchanting fairy tale book!

Thanks, Walt for your inspiration to decorate outside the box!

This here is lovely hot chestnut weather.”  Bert (Mary Poppins)A Taste of Fall

What do you do to magically transform your home for the fall season?